Once you have successfully logged in to your account, the Home Page will be loaded.

Below are the features/ function offered for each of the section

1. Main Tabs

    a. FeedUnder the Feed tab, you will be able to leave reminder/ message for you or your colleagues.
For more information on how to use Feed, click HERE
    b. HomeThe Home tab is the homepage that will be loaded once logged in.  You can manage your individual profile, manage your leave application and view company directory under this tab.
    c. TeamUnder the Team tab, the manager/ supervisor will be able to manage leaves for the employees under his/her management.
At the same time, any pending task for onboarding/ recruitment module can be accessed from this tab as well.

Click HERE to check out articles prepared for managers.
    d. HR LoungeHR admin, recruiter and HR employee will be able to manage all HR-related task and action using the HR Lounge tab.
    e. PeopleUnder the People tab, you can view the employee list and the organization chart of the company.
2. Settings

Only available for HR/ Admin to modify important settings for the company account. 

For more information, refer HERE.

3.  Basic Info

Basic information about your employment at the company

4. DashboardUse the Dashboard to get to your profile page/ company directory page/ leave application page.
5. Leave CalendarYou will be able to view who is on leave under the Leave Calendar.
6. Quick Access
Check out and perform an action on any pending task by using the Quick Access function.