To activate the 1 on 1 function, ensure below are completed.

a. Turn ON the 1 on 1 toggle at the page 1 (Description) during cycle creation.

b. The 1 on 1 frequency has been selected at page 2 Milestones during cycle creation.

Once you have completed the settings, the task to set 1 on 1 will appear on Employee's View according to below steps:

1. Login to BrioHR

2. Go to Home > My Goals

3. At Pending Actions list, click on Set one on one OR Quick Access.

4. Employee to choose the agreed date and time for the 1 on 1 session and proceed to click on the Next button to save. It will appear as a task to the line manager to complete the session.

5. Once the task has been completed by the line manager, employee will be able to view the comments at My Goals > View One on One

At the Line Manager's View, he/she will be able to see the 1 on 1 request from the direct reports at Pending Actions and Quick Access.

1. Login to BrioHR

2. Go to Team > Team Performance

3. Tick the One on one completed box and click on Next button after the session to record in system.

4.  You will be able to see your direct report's completed One on one with Comments at the Teams page.