There are important elements in setting up Timesheets Module.

*Identify the Projects you would like to track the time spent

*Create and allocate the clients to your Projects

*Plan and update Projects duration

*Appoint manager and his direct reports as Project team members

*Set the deadline for team members to submit Timesheets

To setup the Timesheets:

1. Login to BrioHR

2. Proceed to click on HR Lounge  At the main page, click on Timesheet  

3.  You will be directed to the module's Dashboard

4.  If you have Client information, please refer guide here to create.

5. Refer guide here to update Settings in Timesheets.

6. To create a new Project, please  follow guide here.

7.  Once the project has been created and assigned, employee will be able to start submitting their Timesheets for approval.