1. Login to BrioHR. 

2. At Home, navigate to Timesheets

3. You will directed to Dashboard to see the Summary of timesheets information. 

4. Proceed to click Timesheets for submission.

5.  The timesheest for submission is segregated according to a weekly basis. Select the desired week. 

6. Click on Add new project to select the project assigned on the week. Please note that this is a one time setting. 

7.  A small window will pop up. Select one or more projects that has been assigned for the selected week and click Submit.




8. Input the hours spent for the project. 


 9.  Information can be Save as draft or submit for approval process.

Important notes:

1.  Add or delete project list anytime

2.  Add comment if available when you input the hours 

3.  Line manager will receive a task to review and approve the timesheets submission