The Onboarding Dashboard page allows you to:

1. Onboarding Overview

See an overview of number of new joiners, new joiners’ pending and late tasks.

  • Add new joiner button to add a new employee for Onboarding.

2. Completed Activities Timeline

Shows tasks completed by both the new joiner and the HR admin.

3. Filters and Criteria

By filtering the new joiners, it will ease the process to search for a particular new joiner.

You can filter new joiners according to department, offices and onboarding status.

4. New Joiner’s Onboarding Progress

You can observe how much tasks the new joiner has completed based on his/her onboarding progress. 

  • Click on the people icon to see who are assigned for the new joiner’s onboarding period.
  • Click View Detail to see list of tasks for new joiner to do.
  • Click Start to start initiating the Onboarding Process manually.
  • Click Menu (3 dots) to manually complete the onboarding process.