Once you have logged in to your BrioHR account, at the Home page, select My Leave.


At the Leave dashboard, you will be able to view your Leave Entitlement, as well as Leave requests Status & History.

To apply for leave, follow these steps :

1. Click on the + Apply Leave button at the Leave dashboard.

2. Select the Year, as well as the Start Date and End Date.

[Note: If you wish to apply for half-day leave, select the timing of your leave application by ticking the 'Morning Only' or 'Afternoon Only' checkboxes next to the date box. The system will then auto-calculate the number of days you have applied for leave, based on the date and timing selected.]

3. Select the Type of leave that you wish to apply for.

4. Input Comment (if any).

5. Upload Attachment (if any) by selecting the Choose File button.

6. Click on Leave Type to select the type of leave from the dropdown. (Mandatory Field)

7. Click on the Submit button to complete the application.

Once completed, a pop up notification will appear on the top right corner of the page, to notify that the creation of your leave application is successful. An email notification will be sent to the approver(s) as well, to process your leave application accordingly.