There are two (2) different ways for the manager to approve, reject and send back leave applied by the direct reports.

The 1st method is by going through the Team page

Login to your BrioHR account,

1. Go to Team menu and select the Team Leave

You'll be directed to Team Leave dashboard

2. Go to 'Pending' category to see any leave pending approval. Select any of the leave available. It will open a side bar menu with further options of the leave.

The pop-out side bar shows what actions can be taken for this pending leave.

  • Modify Leave = to modify the leave (eg, modify leave date) on behalf of the employee
  • Cancel Leave = to cancel the leave but the record remains and the leave status change from 'Pending' to 'Cancelled'
  • Approve = to approve the leave
  • Reject = to reject the leave
  • Require Info = to send back the leave for employee to do a specific action based on the manager's comment. This means the manager doesn't approve and doesn't reject the leave either.

3. If you select 'Require Info' button, there will be a text box provided for you to input your comment and reason why you're returning the leave application back to the employee.

4. If you select 'Reject' button, there will be a text box provided for you to input your reason why you're rejecting this leave.

The 2nd method is by going through the Pending Actions list. The Pending Actions will show a list of tasks/actions required by you to complete.

1. At "Home" page, click on "Pending Actions" button

2. Choose the task to approve a leave

3. The leave approval page will appear as a side bar. This way, you can quickly complete your next action.