Before getting a new hire to onboard, you need to configure settings for your Onboarding process. It can be customized according to job position, department, country etc.

Login to your BrioHR account:

1. Go to HR Lounge.

2. Navigate to Onboarding.

You’ll be directed to Onboarding dashboard page. 

3. Click on Settings to start customizing your own Onboarding process.

List of different onboarding processes will be here (if you have created more than one process)

4. Click on Add onboarding settings to create a new onboarding process.

5. A pop-out template of Onboarding settings details will appear. Choose a name for this Onboarding process.

6. You’ll see sequence of Onboarding Process at the left section of the template. Each item corresponds to how you want the onboarding flow to be.

7. Click Save once done.

For in-depth details of each Onboarding process, please refer to part 2 of this article or click the link here: