You can create as many custom fields as you want under Personal Details. For the example purposes, we're going to add Vaccination Status to Employee's Personal Details. All custom fields created will appear in Employees' My Profile page.

Login to your BrioHR account:

1. Navigate to Settings at the top right corner of Home page.

2. Go to Personal Data.

3. Make sure you at the Personal Details page.

4. Click on +Add button.

5. A pop out Add personal detail template will appear.

6. Enter a name for your new field item.

7. There are four (4) types of field:

  • Text
  • Number 
  • Date
  • Select (a drop-down menu type)

8. Input options for your drop-down menu (based on ‘Select’ field type chosen above)

  • If you have more than one (1) office created, you may select which office is relevant for this new item.

9. Once done, click on Save

You have now added a new field item in Personal Details. This field will be available in Employee Details template downloaded from HR Lounge. Also, it will appear in Employee’s My Profile page

Newly created item will appear in employees’ My Profile page. To edit, click on the pencil icon*

*depending on your user settings if the employees have permission to edit their profile page. If not, only HR/Admin can edit on their behalf.

When you click on pencil icon to edit, the options for Select field type created previously will look like below =