Login to your BrioHR account:

1. Go to HR Lounge.

2. Navigate to Reports.

You’ll be directed to Report dashboard page.

3. Go to Report Builder. On this page, you’ll see all types of report that you have access to.

4. Click on Create button to customize report format (eg, Leave Balances report).

On this page, you’ll be able to see:

  • Choose date option.
  • Leave types option.
  • Fields and filter to customize what items to be included in the report.
  • Overview of how your report going to look like.

5. Select a date at which you would like leave balances to be calculated.

  • Select leave types you want to include in the report (eg, Annual and Medical)

6. Click on Fields & Filters button to customize items to be included in the report.

7. A Fields & Filters pop-out template will appear.

8. Select which item under each category you would like to include in the report by ticking/unticking check boxes. Use additional +Add filter if necessary.

9. Click Apply Changes to save.

10. Overview of how your report going to look like will be displayed here. Click Expand to fullscreen if you need to view in full screen.

11. Click Save as to save your customized report format.

12. A pop-out Save report as template will appear. Give your report a name.

13. Click Save.

14. The saved report will be under Generated Report section. If you have more than one, click either report to display on screen.

15. Click Export Report to download the selected report. You have two (2) options either to download the report in CSV or in Excel.