1. Login to BrioHR. 

2. At Home, navigate to My Claims

3. You will be directed to Expense Claims page. Click New Claim to create a new Claim item or (+) button to add claim into the existing Claim Report.

4. A small window will pop up to add claim information = 

a. Choose the transaction date

b. Choose a claim category (eg, meals, parking, transport etc)

c. Add a simple claim description (eg, Entertainment for Client)

d. Check your claim limit balance (if any)

e. Insert total amount you want to claim

f. Amount of local currency is applicable if the claim you made for is in another country (eg, Meal claims for Singapore work trip)

g. Tax amount and Receipt number is optional

h. Include receipt copy as an attachment

i. If you have an existing claims report, you can choose it. Or if none, click on Create new report

 Fill in the information and Click Save to create the claim record and close the window or Save & Add another to add more claims.

5. Review your Claims report before submitting.

6. If you need to edit any of the claim item, click on the pencil (edit) icon.

7. Click Submit once done. Your approver will be notified to process your claim request.