Login to you BrioHR Mobile app.

On your Home main page,

1. Click on Claims

You'll be directed to the Ongoing Claims page

2. Click on +New Claim button to start creating a new claim item.

Note: Alternatively, you can click on Snap Receipt button to take a photo of your receipt and create claim item straight away.

3. Include attachment by clicking on Add attachment button. Here it says *attachment required and it's compulsory for you to add one. Attachment can be upload from your phone gallery or by taking a photo and upload immediately.

4. Choose the category of your claim. In this example, it's a Mobile Bill and Broadband category.

5. Click on Choose Report. 

  • If you don't have any open Claim Report, you need to create a new one by clicking on +Create Report.
  • Why do you need to create a claim report? It's for you to have one main report for the whole month and add other claim items into one report.
  • When you submit, you'll be submitting as one whole report (containing multiple claim items) instead of submitting every item you create.

6. Choose a Transaction date

  • Add Description
  • Add the total amount
  • Amount in local currency is when you claim for items paid overseas or in foreign currency. Example, you're applying claims of Meals when you were in Singapore for work. The meal costs you S$ 20. Hence, you enter S$ 20 in this 'Amount in local currency'
  • Select the bill start date and the bill end date.

7. Click 'Save' to save and close. 

  • If you click 'Save & Add another', you're saving the current claim item and want to add a new one immediately.

8. Your newly created report is under status 'Open'. You can still add more claim items under the same report.

9. Click the add '+' button to add a new claim item.

  • Click 'Submit' once you're confirm that you want to submit this claim report. It's advisable to gather all items that you want to claim under one report and submit it. This way, you can know how much total amount you can claim for the month.

If you go to page 'Claim History', this page will show you any reimbursed claim report for your record.