1. You may only re-open and edit the latest completed payroll month. 

2. If you wish to edit the previous month's completed payroll, the latest month's completed/draft payroll must be deleted first.

3. To delete a completed/draft payroll cycle, you must submit your request to BrioHR via the chat support, or via email to support@briohr.com with the necessary information, in order for us to review your request and assist accordingly.

4. Once a payroll cycle has been deleted, you must re-do the deleted payroll cycle after you have completed editing, processing and submitting the previous month's payroll which was re-opened.


>Current completed payroll month - July 2021. 

>You wish to re-open and edit the June 2021 completed payroll.

>The July 2021 completed payroll must be deleted first, in order for you to re-open and edit the June 2021 completed payroll.

>Once you have completed and submitted the June 2021 payroll, then you must re-do the July 2021 payroll accordingly.

Follow the below steps to re-open and edit a completed payroll cycle:

1. Once you have logged in to your BrioHR account, click on HR Lounge > Payroll.

2. At Payroll Dashboard > Payroll History, click on the completed payroll month you wish to edit, to re-open the payroll cycle.

3. Click on the Reopen as draft icon.

*NOTE : If the latest month's payroll is in draft stage, you will not be able to view the 'Reopen as draft' icon at the previous month's payroll. The latest month's draft payroll must be deleted first, in order for you to be able to re-open the previous month's payroll and make the modifications accordingly.

4. At the pop-up window, click Confirm to proceed to re-open the completed payroll cycle. Otherwise, click Cancel to cancel the action.

5. A notification will appear at the top of the page, to notify that the completed payroll cycle has been re-opened. You may then proceed to edit the payroll accordingly by following Steps 1, 2 and 3 (Adjust Payroll > Review & Confirm > Payment & Submission).

6. Once you have completed Steps 1, 2 and 3, click on Complete payroll to complete the process and exit. The system will then direct you back to the Payroll Dashboard. At this point, you have completed the payroll process accordingly.

To know more on how to run a payroll cycle, you may refer to our Help Center article below:

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