Most common case of deleting approved claims is when the manager of the employee requests to do. Since the managers have no permission to delete claims that they have approved, they are required to contact the HR (or Admin) for further assistance.

Login to your BrioHR account:

1. Go to HR Lounge

2. Navigate to Expense Claims

You’ll be directed to Expense Claims dashboard.

3. Go to Claim Request page

4. Choose one claim report that you want to mark as Delete. Tick the checkbox.

5. Bottom menu options will appear. Here, you have the options to ‘Mark as Reimbursed’, ‘Re-open’ and ‘Cancel Claim’

6. Choose Cancel Claim menu.

7. A pop-out Confirmation message will appear.

8. Click Cancel Claim to finalize the process.

9. Deleted approved claims will show status as Cancelled.

Employees will be notified via e-mail if their approved claims have been deleted.

From the employee’s My Claims page, deleted claims are labelled as Cancelled.