Note : Kindly ensure to enable the Reports Module access in User Group settings for users with payroll permission, by referring to this link

To download the Company Payroll Report, follow the below steps:

1. Once you have logged in to your BrioHR account, click on HR Lounge> Reports.

2. You will be directed to the Statistics page. Proceed to click on the Report builder tab.

3. At Company Payroll Report, click on the Create button to navigate to the report page. 

4. At the report page, you will be able to :

a. Select the Payroll Center and Month/Range of the Company Payroll Report you would like download.

b. Use the Fields & Filters button to customize the information you would like to be included in the report.

c. Use the Save as button to save the format of your customized report for subsequent downloads.

5. Click on the Export Report button to select your preferred format and download the Company Payroll Report.