To register new employee is BrioHR, there are two (2) methods =

Method 1 = Register individually by clicking on "Add new employee" 

Method 2 = Register multiple new employees via Bulk Download/Upload.

The following instructions will show you how to register more than 1 new employee (multiple employees) in bulk. The Method 2 saves the registration process time and allows you to register in bulk by entering all relevant details  in an Excel.

Step 1 = To Download the Employee Details Template (in Excel format)

Login to your BrioHR account


1. Go to HR Lounge

2. Scroll down and click on Bulk Download/Upload button

3. Choose Employee Details as the import category

4. You will be directed to Import Employee page. Click on the bold word of Employee Details to download the Excel template. Fill in the template with necessary details.

Step 2 = To Upload the Employee Details Template 

Once you have completed the Excel template

1. Click on + Browse Files button to upload the template.

Once you have uploaded the template, you will see a review of the template that you're about to upload.

2. To continue saving and importing the date, click on Save import data button. Repeat the same steps for other import categories.

If you wish to send login activation email to newly uploaded employees, please refer here and here